California Coast Classic cycling tour

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Description of the activities of the event

The Arthritis Foundation's California Coast Classic Bike Tour is a scenic bike ride that takes place over 8 days and covers 525 miles along the coast on Highway 1. The Tour starts in the heart of San Francisco and ends in the iconic Pacific Palisades of Los Angeles. The California Coast Classic benefits the Arthritis Foundation by raising vital funds needed to find a cure for arthritis. Money raised provides educational resources for adults and children, scholarships for our National Juvenile Arthritis Conference, kids' camps and much more.

Operation Period 1

Date: 09/09/2017 06:00

Peak Crowd Size: 200


08/07/17 2:11 pm

Event Type

Athletic or Sporting Event

Alcohol at Event


Event Plan Creator

Eli Campbell


Permitting Agency


Operation Period 1 Overview

Time Period


09/09/2017 at 06:00


09/09/2017 at 09:00


Peak Crowd Size


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Event Footprint

Pier 39 Embarcadero North St Taylor St. North Point Street Van Ness Ave Fort Mason bike path bike path next to Marina Blvd bike path next to Old Mason St. Crissy Fields Ave Lincoln Blvd El Camino Del Mar Legion of Honor Dr./ 34th Ave Clement St El Camino Del Mar Point Lobos ...and then into Daly City (already have permitted through them)

First Aid Stations (0) local_hospital

Mobile Teams (0) directions_walk

Transport (0) airport_shuttle

Dispatch (0) mic

Event Footprint Responsibility

The medical group supervisor or the event coordinator must contact the dispatch supervisor at DEC (phone: 415-575-0737) to take responsibility for the event footprint at the beginning of each operational period and release responsibility for the footprint at the end of each operational period.

✓ Accepted     by: Eli Campbell at 07/28/17 09:21:26 AM


All event safety personnel will have a list of contact info and will be communicating as specified in the Medical Assets section
In case of emergency during the event, the event coordinator can be reached at all times at:


✓ Accepted     by: Eli Campbell at 07/28/17 09:20:41 AM

Staff Responsibility

All contracted medical interventionists will be active, current, and in good-standing at the time of the operational period. The event producer will ensure that a complete staff list is provided no less than one week prior to the first operational period.

This staff list will include the following information for each contracted medical interventionist:

  • Full legal name
  • Certification/License Number
  • Level of certification/licensure
  • Certification/license expiration

✓ Accepted     by: Eli Campbell at 08/02/17 04:15:19 PM

MCI Capabilities

A written MCI plan and an approved MCI Kit will be present at the event. All contracted responders will be briefed and trained on their contents and use. (see the San Francisco MCI plan here.)

✓ Accepted     by: Eli Campbell at 08/02/17 04:30:00 PM

Supplementary Documents

Use this section to add any additional supporting documents, e.g. maps, additional staff/contact lists, crisis plans, etc.